UPDATE Memo - 2023

Hope everyone is having a good end of the year... 2023 has gone fast and things haven't been great for many of my fellow Americans but please stay strong.

While I know things look bad now remember there is always a light at the end of every tunnel. Unless someone got there first and blow up the other side. IN that case we're all pretty much screwed. But let's be positive people... So as for the web page you ask?

Well things are looking up on the sites as you could see the porting over has gone well. Also other sites I run are all here away from GoDaddy. The move came after years of being subject to their extreme over charging and now in this bad economy I had to make some changes.

The hosting to this platform on blogger really does help as it's free hosting and SSL... With that said I thank you all for the continued support and the shows below continue to be for free to listen to, and view.

IF you would like to be an "Angel Investor" please check out my Patreon.com link here and help me out. Every dollar helps especially for myself who's depending on donations to survive as I'm pending a disability case at the moment.

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